Snorri Þór Árnason, NEZ Formula Offroad champion 2016. He started racing 2013 and has since his debut been in the top of Formula Offroad. He has tried three times to win NEZ and this year he did. So Formula Offroad News spoke with him about his race in Hella.

– First I just want to say, at last, you did it after the third try.
– Hehe thanks, it was time now.

How was the race in Hella, I guess you are pleased with you results?
– It was good, very nice weather and lot of people. Car was in very good shape and I was on fire on saturday. 350 points in every track. Sunday was also good but different tracks, but it was very good race. Nice to see Pål and Toro with us

Yes Pål did a good job, trying to catch up with you.
– Yes, both of them are very good drivers. I wanted Arne and Martin to come also but maybe next time.

Yes maybe Martin did not want to loose NEZ to you. Where there any track that was more diffcult?
– Hehe maybe:-) it is fun when it is a real race + – 10 points. The water and mud are always diffcult but a lot of fun. Track nr. 2-3 on Sunday was heavy, a lot of turns and steep hills.

Okay i saw you in a photo when you drove the river track, you did not have your hands on the wheel.
– i was getting the people to stand up and have some fun, also did i in track nr. 2 on sunday. Kids love to get some attention, posters and get photos in the car when we are in the pit area

So you are a showman?
– Of course 🙂

Did Kórdrengurinn have any breakdowns during the race or did you just fill up gasoline?
– Just a gasoline fill up and we had on rear rim damage. We fixed it after saturday race

okay I heard someone say that you was on fire in Hella
– Yes I was on fire like in the meaning of 100% ready for the race 😉

Yes I followed the race through the live results and I saw you making same number (350) the hole race, Ólafur Bragi Jónsson was not far away from you, but never in front of you. Was you nervous when the results  was so tight?

– Yes óli is great driver, but we where not so nervous but always watching our backs. We did never look at the scores, just drive as we can and have fun. Race should be as tight as Hella, that is a real competition.

Yes I agree and more fun for the audience.
– Yes, then you are giving it a 100%

So now Team Kórdrengurinn received 1st place in NEZ and 1st place in Icelandic championship. And last season Kórdrengurinn ended up on 1st place in Icelandic championship. What is your goal for this season?
– Yes that is right. We have been icelandic champions since we started racing formula offroad in 2013. The goal is to stay in 1 place and hopefully we can

You have a new car  and driver, Guðmundur Ingi Arnarsson, who drove very well in Hella
– Yes, Guðmundur, óli bragi, Geir Evert, Atli Jamil and lot of other good race drivers

Which competitor will be hard to keep behind you?
– That is óli bragi for sure

Are you going to compete in all 5 races this season?
– No propibly not the next race, I am working in Norway for 2 weeks and 2 weeks home. It is when I suppost to be in work, we will see.

Have made any modification to the car this winter?
– we did get new rims and tires, waterpump, shocks and lot of small changes

You have a very nice racer and of  course  a very good driver behind the wheel. can you tell me something about the cars history?
– It was build around 2000, Haraldur Pétursson build it with a good friend named Davíð. He did use it from 2000-2004. Jón Ingileifsson bought it 2008 and was racing from 2008-2010. Then the car was not in much use from 2010-2013 until I got it.

Okay the car is very light weighted 1100kg, if I have the  right number. How is the car to drive and how many horsepower?
– Yes 1100 kg, it is not very easy to drive. I have been driving it for 3 years now and I am not 100% on him. The engine is dyno tested 625 hp and 585 nm in torque, that is on regular

Snorri with team