The first Formula off road of the summer is over, and it didn’t go quite as we hoped! After the thirdtrack on Saturday our motor crashed, so the Thunderbolt didn’t compete more that day. With the amazing help from our teammates and friends, we began looking for another motor! After that we rushed the Thunderbolt to town, where there was a lot of work done until the morning trying to get the new motor in the car. Fifteen minutes before the race on Sunday the Thunderbolt got up and running and we were very pleased with that! Although the car was fine, we still needed to

fine we still to adjust it and that was done in between tracks with varying degrees of success, finally we had to admit defeat when the car drowned in the river! We especially want to thank the people that helped get the Thunderbolt back in the race on Sunday, because that alone was a huge win for it self! We also want to thank those who have supported us through this season, without you none of this would be possible!! A lot of adjustment will take place soon and we will keep you updated!!

Jamil Racing