The winter season is a time when you do some skiing and maybe doing some after ski. For many Formula offroad teams, the winter season is a time when they spend a lot of time in the garage, rethink their race car, what can
be better or how can we make the car stronger and so on. Some teams rebuild there cars from scratch. During the winter season we will ask drivers and teams what the do in the garage. we call it Winter hibernation.

Norway: Jens Erik Klausen with Kvikksand

Kvikksand has also become a bit longer…


…this because driveshaft angle was very steep.

Tell us a little brief background of your renovation?
Lower center of gravity, electricity replaced. Lighter car and the new gearbox that is easier to change.

Tell us what you will do or have done?
Disassembled whole car. New front axle installed and everything inside the car is new

Tell us what you think / hope / know the renovation will result?
A car that is easy to repair. Well-balanced to jump with and reliable.