Last spring Fredrik Mahlin and team built a Formula Offroad car on behalf of Discovery Channel and its new program series Engine Addict with Jimmy de Ville. The car was designed in SolidWorks and all pipes were bent in our fine Herber bender machine. Almost all welding in this project was carried out by Backlunds Svets & Montage for the time frame would have a chance to keep. The program will be shown on November 6 on the Discovery Channel in Sweden. It is mainly about the engine of the Volvo 850 T-yellow as it is considered iconic for what it performed in the BTCC in the 90s.

All mounts were designed by Fredrik Mahlin and colleagues, and then watercut by Dione in Uppsala.

The engine is built by Kim Karpegård at Karpegård bil & Motor. It is a Volvo T5R engine where the original turbo has been replaced with a larger turbocharger, variable cams and some stabilizations in the block. This resulted in 715 Hk on the wheels when it fine tuned by Claus Aichberger at Turbocenter.

All decors are made by Visible clothes in Sweden

See more pictures by Lars Mårtensson



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Photo by Fredrik Värnebjörk

Design made in SolidWorks by Fredrik Mahlin

Engine Volvo T5R
Herber bender machine
Photo by Fredrik Värnebjörk
Water cutting
Rear axle mounting

Photo by Fredrik Värnebjörk