Arne Johannessen, photo by Hans Martin Høydahl
After a long summer, it’s almost time for the racetrack again.


This time we are heading for Ler, about 30 Kilometers south of Trondheim and it runs two rounds of this year’s Norway Cup. There were technical problems for Team Lightfoot earlier this year and is on a 4th place in the championship, but with good prospects for advancement.

In shared management, we find Tor Egil Thorsland and Martin Michaelsen – both from Trondelag and 4 points for good in Finnish Tommi Löytonoija. Only 1.poeng behind Tommi located Lightfoot with Paul Blesvik further 1.poeng after.

-We Expect that it will fight for points in the spectacular courses on Laughing, says Arne.

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-Unfortunately We have been told that what we have seen as the year’s highlight is canceled – this applies to the races in Nenset gravel pit at Skien. As of now it is uncertain whether subsitute race being set up. We’ll be back with more info later, concludes Arne.

A curiosity is that this clip from 2012 which has now been seen around 40 million times on Facebook after being posted again on July 25 this year. Watch video


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