Of course are you planning a Formula Offroad vacation to Iceland. Not only can see awesome Formula offroad, you can also see the rest of Iceland and it´s breathtaking scenery.

How to travel

All international flight lands at Keflavik International airport. From Keflavik you can go by bus to Iceland capital city Reykjavik, it takes 30 minutes. In Iceland you can travel by car, bus or by airplane. At the airport you can also rent a car.

Reykjavik airport (Domesic flights) 

If you want to travel by air to Akureyri or Egilsstaðir and see Formula Offroad. Then you book your tickets here. Reykjavik airport is located in Reykjavik. It can be a bit expensive to travel by air in Iceland. It takes 45 min to travel to Akureyri by air.  It takes 60 min to travel to Egilsstaðir by air. You can also rent a car in Akureyri and Egilsstaðir.

By car

The best way to see Iceland and Formula Offroad races is to travel by car or camper/motorhome (RV).

Travel by car to:
Akureyri takes 5-6 hours with stops
Egilsstaðir takes 8 -10 hours with stops
Hella takes 1 hour from Reykjavik
Suðurland less than 1 hour
Suðurnes less than 1 hour

Rent your car from:
Gunnar Gunnarsson and Ragnar Robertsson are two former Formula Offroad drivers that are legends in Formula Offroad. Rent a car from these two champions.

Icelandic Championship

The Icelandic championship 2016 includes six competions in five different locations, Hella, Egilsstaðir, Suðurland, Suðurnes and Akureyri. The  race in Hella is a two days race that includes two round of Icelandic championship and also a NEZ Formula Offroad Championship with competitors from all Nordic countries.

Race start
Depending on how many cars will start, determine when the race will start. Normal start time at 13.00, if more than 25 cars participating, race will start at. 12:00 (noon). So it is good to be at the competition area around 12.00 (noon). The race usually takes 4 – 6 hours.

Admission fee
11 Euro/day

You pay the entry fee at the entrance to the competition area

If you don´t like sleeping in a car you can always stay inside and it isn´t differcult to find a place. You can use a search engine and look for your type of accomodation. In the summertime you can also live in a tent or rent a cottage.

Check cottages

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