Team Thor has for the new season bought and installed a new engine from Nelson racing. 750 hp NA and can take in 300 hp nitro.


[ezcol_1half]LSX 427
RHS Tall Deck Block 4.125 bore
Callies Ultra Billet Crankshaft 4“ stroke 4330LM Timken Steel
Callies Ultra H beam roads 4330LM Timken Steel
ARP Custom Age 625 Road Bolts
Clevite H series Coted Bearings
JE Forged Nos pistones 13.5/1 compression
Tool steel wrist pins
JE ring set with tool steel top rings
All Pro LS7 Retro Heads
Flow @.675 lift 400cfm Int 255cfm Exh
2.250“ Titanium intake valves
1.615“ Iconel exhaust valves

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CHE shaft rocker arms 1.8
Comp Cams hi rew Hyd Roller Lifters
Comp Cams Custom camshaft Hyd Roller
252°int 268°exh @.050“ 112°LSA Lift in/ex .662
MSD Anatomic Airforce 103mm LS7 Intake
Nick Williams 102mm Billet DBW Throttlebody
The Block is ready for 4.6″stroke and max Bore 4.160

So it could be 502 Cl max


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