How was the race in Hella, are you pleased with you results?
The race was fine, I had fun and liked the  race very much.

Where there any track that was more differcult?
No not really, I thought that the tracks were very similar.

Did your car have any breakdowns during the race or did you just fill up gasoline?
I blew a tire, and lost my steering pump both days, othervise just filling up gasoline.

What is your goal for this season?
Just try to do my best and have fun.

Which competitor will be hard to keep behind you?
It’s difficult to stay ahead of all these guys

Have made any modification to the car this winter?
No nothing, I bought a new carburettor to the car.

You have a very nice racer and of course a very good driver behind the wheel. Can you tell me something about the cars history?
The car is built 1994-95 by Sigurður Axelsson which he drove until 2000, then Björn Ingi Jóhannsson takes the wheel and drives the car for some year. I have had the car since 2006.

Are you going to compete in all races this season?
I’m in, as long as I have the time and money.

Do you know how much your car weighs?
It hasn’t been weight, but I think it’s about 1300 kg

How is the car to drive?
It’s fine to drive the car, as long as it’s OK.

Ólafur Bragi Jónsson is one of Icelands top drivers. And have been so for many years. I have met Ólafur very briefly in Skien 2015, during NEZ Championship and have seen him race. It is very seldom that he miss the  end gate in a track.