Lion is a new car from Selfoss, made by Gudmundur Ingi Arnarsson and Olaf Leóssyn. The construction began in November 2014 and first test drive was two days in November 2015 and again in April 2016. Lion first race at Hella 7 to 8 May 2016, and ended it in third place for the Icelandic Champion title.……… Gudmundur is a new competitor in Formula offroad but he have been three time Icelandic Champion in gokart. About car they built, rear and front axel case are both 9 “Ford aluminum with 35 spline both pinon and axel. Rear axel are full floting, the build inner nukle and front axel, ( they use chrome moly steel in front axel ). Four RCV ball joints so the can turn car 65 degrees. For fun, many cars turn about 40 degrees, the engine is LS7 GM 7,0L all aluminum 625 hp + 100 with nitro, transmisson is C-6 with, “Ljónsstaðar” transfer- case, hydraulic jacks and power steering pump is a homemade. Hydraulic brakes is in the car with hydraulic booster from Mustang, brake pump in front from Mustang and Camaro brake pump in rear, rotors are from Toyota LC 120 both in front and rear. The suspension is Ori struts, four link in rear, they also built aluminum wheels with beadlock.

Lion Racing Icelandic Formula Offroad Team

By Lion Racing

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