We have been changing the car quite a bit. What we wanted to do was move the motor about 5 cm back and 5 cm down. What we ended up going was about 13cm back and 7 cm down. That will probably change the handling of the car a lot. Then we didnt need all the length of the hood so we cut the old pipes out and made new ones with an all new look and strengthened the tubes around the shock mounts to mimimize the flex of the chassis due to the suspension. Also the roll cage was damaged after all the rollovers last summer so we changed out the bad parts.

On top of that we need to align the rear axle since it is not correctly aligned right now, and we are changing the front suspenion linkage. We are mounting a 4-link system to the front of the car. That will hopefully allow it to roll the axle a bit more since the old system was way too stiff and tended to tip the car over if just one of the front wheels would go up onto something.

We are changing the turbo manifold a bit. 2 reasons. It got a little bit damaged last summer and we wanted to have more clearance between the manifold and the belt-drive system on the front of the car, and that is possible now because the motor moved so far back.

Along with this we are fabricating new driveshafts and make all yokes a bit bigger than what we had.

We have also rebuilt the brake system. New pistons, seals and calipers. All the break pumps mediablasted and painted. Making it a bit safer. New bearings in the front axle along with minor fixes.
We plan on rebuilding the steering actuator as well and taking that one up a notch too. Bigger is better.

I think thats it for now 🙂

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