Author: Elva S.
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Last Thursday the containers began their journey down to Bikini Bottoms OffRoad Park, all 4 of them! They left Iceland couple of weeks ago and has their trip across the deep blue been very successful. We have some brilliant people transporting them down south from Portland for us and we are so grateful for all of them. Without them we wouldn’t have any cars to compete on in this MASSIVE event where the Icelandic Formula OffRoad meets the real American motorsport: Southern Rock Racing. During next weekend we will compete in total of 11 tracks!!! 10 of them the standard hill climbs and one skimming! Who doesn’t want to see out 1000+ HP cars run so smoothly over the pond that was created just of our pleasure!

The SRRS will be hosting their FINALS at the same time as our hill climbs and boy do they know how to put on a show!! If you aren’t familiar with them then Busted Knuckle Films and MadRam11 can elaborate how INSANE they are!!!

We have 19 drivers on 15 cars. We will see incredible saves, jumps, rollovers and EVERYTHING in between! You don’t wanna miss out on this. The event begins Thursday @12pm and will last until Sunday @4pm. Tickets are available at the gate!